Do you want to get a ultimate comfortable Mattress? I think those Luxury Mattresses are the best choice for you!

Mattresses are an integral part of sleep that decides the fate of the body’s posture in the everyday chores that we do.

In recent years there have been major researches and developments in mattresses that have contributed to better quality of sleep. A survey conducted by Science Direct on musculoskeletal pain in elders shows that 7% of sleep problems are directly related to the use of uncomfortable. Another research by National Sleep Foundation shows that a quality mattress plays a vital role in achieving quality sleep.

Out of the many different types of mattresses, luxury mattresses work a little more than common mattresses for a better quality of sleep. These mattresses may be a little more expensive than regular mattresses but they are designed for ultimate luxury and worth the money..

Our guide will explain to you everything that you need to know about luxury mattresses. Let’s begin with a quick comparison of top 7 best luxury mattresses!

Product nameFirmness*Main MaterialBest for
The legacy collection7Natural Talalay latex and Soft Gel MatrixSleeping cool
Dormeuse mattresses 4.5Hevea milk (rubber tree sap)Latex foam lovers
Tatiana Ultra Plush Mattress8BLACKICE™ MEMORY FOAMExtra plush experience
Cedar mattress5eco-INSTITUT® certified natural latex and WoolEco-friendly
Blue fusion Cushion mattress5TempActiv™ Gel Memory FoamBack pain
Zenhaven Mattress 4/8Talalay Latex and organic New Zealand WoolTargeted support
Saatva Mattress3/8‘coil on coil’ steel spring with memory foam enhancementHeavyweight sleepers

*Firmness from 1- 10, 1 indicatesoftest, 10 indicate The most Firm, Two Firmnesses mean you can choose 2 different Firmness.

What is a luxury mattress?

A luxury mattress has extra features like adjustable firmness, extra comfort, cool sleep, comfortable cervical position, motion isolation, perfect bounce and allow different sleeping positions with lifetime warranties.

They are unapologetically expensive and provide a more comfortable sleeping system.

Why do you need a luxury mattress?

For people who have a hard time fin ding comfort in even the best of regular mattresses will find all that they need in luxury mattresses. Luxury mattresses are longer lasting and they do not just provide support to your spine, but they work to make your spine more aligned and in a better position.

Better mattresses produce better sleep that is why luxury mattresses provide the best quality of sleep. In a poll conducted by National Sleep Foundation, 92% people claimed that a better mattress helped them sleep better.

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Common types of luxury mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses: These are dense artificial mattresses that help in contouring the body shape. The gel memory foam is used to sleep cool too. As per AmeriSleep research, the average life of the memory foam mattress is 10 years.

Latex Mattresses: Latex is a natural material which is environmentally friendly and highly supportive. It has a longer life and a better pressure support system. Latex mattresses are made hypoallergenic and are one of the best options for every individual.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses: Hybrid mattresses are most suitable for spinal alignment and are a better option to treat backaches rather than just find comfort in them. They are temperature sensitive and allow sleeping cool naturally.


Innerspring: Innerspring use support from springs inside the mattresses. The coils can be different in number but for luxury spring the number is usually very high. These allow the least motion transfer and most support.

Memory Foam + Latex Mattresses: Natural latex plus artificial memory foam mattresses combine to make up a great deal of support and alignment to the spine. They usually go with some kind of cooling technology to make the mattress cool as well as supportive.

What factors make a mattress luxury?

The following buying guide is here to tell the readers of the things and features that they should expect in luxury mattresses.

Several features make a mattress more luxury. In the innerspring mattresses, the coil differences can make the mattress good or bad. Luxury mattresses used encased coils for better support and results. In terms of foam, luxury mattresses usually use latex as foam for a natural and much better result.

Upholstery is also usually more comfortable and has a softer feel in luxury mattresses which makes them comfortable with better support. The fabric cover differences are not only for aesthetics in luxury mattresses, they are usually for a better feel and have features like moisture wicking too.

Premium materials used in luxury mattress

Premium materials are used in luxury mattresses such as 100% natural wool, natural latex, bamboo charcoal and 100% organic cotton. These materials provide several different features and help in aligning the spine rather than providing support to the fixed posture of the sleeper.

Materials are usually more natural than artificial which work to contribute to a safer environment and a better mattress. Most luxury mattresses use hypoallergenic materials so that there is no need to add an encasement.

Awesome design

Features like temperature control, dual-sided mattresses, adjustable base, or anti sagging are the most common ones that are part of the design. Some mattresses are also different on both sides so that you can get different firmness feels when sharing the bed with your partner.

Ultimate Comfort with extra layers

One of the best things about luxury mattresses is that they do not shy away from adding layers. Companies may go as far as to accommodate up to 18 layers in a single mattress. They usually fit memory foam, latex, and coils so that the features of all kinds of foams can be fit into the mattress.

Super cool sleep

One of the problems that are worst for mattress users is sleeping hot. While many regular mattresses work to reduce this problem, they are not able to completely eradicate it. Luxury mattresses take great stances to reduce this to a minimum. They add a variety of different layers that make the mattresses super cool to sleep on. Added with the air circulation and moisture wicking properties, some mattresses have successfully eradicated the sleeping hot feature and made their mattresses super cool.

  1. Craig Heller is a Ph.D. and professor of biology; he explains that our normal body temperature needs to be regulated and when the brain does not achieve, it stays awake and causes sleep deprivation. Hence, it is important that the best mattresses remain cool.

Additional embellishments

The luxury mattresses use special fabrics and colors to make it look good. However, the main additional embellishments are the top-notch features like having two contradicting features in one mattress. One of the most common dual feature technologies is the firmness levels. The mattress can be firm on one side and plushy on the other for both features to work together.

off-gassing odor

Luxury mattresses made with natural materials like latex that do not smell and do not off-gas. However, the ones that are made with the most of the artificial materials can give off the gas and be a little smelly, but it does not last for a very long time.


If you are planning to purchase a luxury mattress, get ready to pay a bit extra. The various layers, technology, and features turn out to be very expensive. However, you will mostly find a longer warranty and a better durability which kind of balances out the price.


There are several different firmness options in these mattresses but most of them are neutral. They work to be plushy on some players and firm on the other to provide a balance. Regardless of the firmness, you will find that these mattresses do not sink in because of their features of bouncing back to maintain the shape. Arya Nick Shamie who is an MD suggests that a mattress that is too firm will make you lose your body alignment, and a mattress that is too soft will not provide enough support.

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7 Best luxury mattresses Online

1. IntelliBed Legacy collection – Best for Sleeping Cool

intelli bed
Features of IntelliBed Legacy collection

  • High-density foam
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • Alignment support provided
  • No off-gassing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sleeps cool mattress

The Legacy collection mattress is made with a high-density foam material. The high density allows the mattress to have a longer life and allows the mattress to reduce sagging even when used by heavy people. This mattress also does not leave impressions as it has the tendency to bounce back immediately because of the high-density foam.

One of the most important features of sleeping cool can be found in the mattress. The gel Matrix technology allows the mattress to fight off body heat and the rising temperature of the environment. The Gel Matrix also relieves pressure points while fighting the heat so that the comfort is not compromised.

The built of this mattress is of individually wrapped coils. These coils work separately for different people to ensure that the mattress provides a highly intense alignment system. These coils also target pressure points to make sure that while you are sleeping, your body remains in a natural position and you do not wake up with joint and bone aches.

  • The separately packed coils work for individual bodies and for their support
  • Gel matrix allows users to sleep cool with pressure point targets
  • There is no off-gassing in this mattress
  • The mattress is made hypoallergenic for everybody
  • There is no side support in this mattress to prevent rolling off
  • There are no options for selecting the firmness

Users that are sensitive to various materials will find this mattress a great option as it is hypoallergenic. The mattress is also perfect for people with all weights as the coils work in separate modes for each sleeper.

Users that are sensitive to various materials will find this mattress a great option as it is hypoallergenic. The mattress is also perfect for people with all weights as the coils work in separate modes for each sleeper.

2. MyEssentia Dormeuse mattresses – Best for Latex foam lovers

MyEssentia Dormeuse natural latex therapeutic

Features of MyEssentia Dormeuse mattresses

  • Various levels of firmness
  • Made with latex which is natural memory foam
  • Provides individual body contours
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • The top layer is cotton

The Dormeuse mattresses are made with several different firmness levels. The level can be chosen according to the weight, height, and medical preference of the sleeper. Each firmness level works ergonomically to complement all the features according to the softness of the mattress for the best results.

One of the most unique features that this mattress has is the top layer, made of soft cotton which suits almost everyone. The cover is made removable so that it can easily be washed and dried in the machine and maintains its sanity.

One of the most unique features that this mattress has is the top layer, made of soft cotton which suits almost everyone. The cover is made removable so that it can easily be washed and dried in the machine and maintains its sanity.

Latex is the main form which is considered to be nature’s memory foam. It provides great support to the spine by contouring the shape of the sleeper and provides support according to the body. Latex also allows the mattress to be longer lasting and safe for the environment. This makes the mattress highly therapeutic and gives it a long life as well.

  • Latex allows the mattress to be hypoallergenic and provides personalized support to each body
  • The top cover is cotton and can easily be washed
  • The mattress is naturally hypoallergenic
  • There are plenty of different firmness to choose
  • The mattress is not motion transfer resistant
  • It is well ventilated but does not sleep cool

For people who want to go green with their mattresses, this is the perfect option. Even though latex mattresses can a little expensive, this mattress provides a great support and is naturally allergy-free which is suitable for everybody.

For people who want to go green with their mattresses, this is the perfect option. Even though latex mattresses can a little expensive, this mattress provides a great support and is naturally allergy-free which is suitable for everybody.

3. Beautyrest Tatiana Ultra Plush Mattress – Best for extra plush experience

Beautyrest Tatiana Ultra Plush Mattress

Features of Beautyrest Tatiana Ultra Plush Mattress

    • The Surface cool plus fiber is for keeping the surface cool
    • Pocketed coil technology is used
    • Dynamic memory foam for ventilation
    • Black Ice memory foam for a breathable gel technology
    • Energy foam allows the mattress to bounce back

The Tatiana mattress uses Surface cool plus fiber that is a fabric beneath the top layer of fabric. This fabric allows the heat to be removed from the top of the mattress so that it remains cool on the top. Sleeping cool allows better and most comfortable sleep.

This mattress uses various layers of different foam types. One of them is the dynamic memory foam layer. This type of memory foam allows better ventilation on the mattress which reduces chances of growing mold and other forms of allergens. It also provides conforming back support for better posture.

The advanced technology of pocketed coils is also used in this mattress. These coils allow the alignment of the spine to be perfect regardless of what position the user is sleeping. These coils are patented triple standard coils and they help in providing motion control as well.

  • Coils of the most advanced technology are sued for aligning the spine in any position
  • Dynamic response memory foam increases ventilation in the mattress
  • Surface cool plus fiber allows the top of the mattress to remain cool
  • The Black ice memory foam allows the mattress to be cool overall on each level
  • The mattress is not entirely hypoallergenic
  • It is very soft without any firmness options
With several layers of various foams, this mattress is best for people that have the worst sleeping habits. Each layer of foam will help in ensuring that the body has the perfect spinal position while sleeping. It is also perfect for very hot places as it provides various levels of fighting the heat.

4. Cedar mattress – Best Eco-friendly choice

Cedar Eco friendly Sleeping cool features mattress

Features of Cedar mattress

  • The Mattress is made with all natural materials
  • Main foam is made with targeted comfort
  • The mattress promotes motion isolation
  • Sleeping cool features
  • Designed to be suited on all surfaces

The Cedar mattress is perfect for people that like to go green and it is very ideal for the planet as well. The mattress uses all natural products which include organic cotton and natural latex as their foundation. There is a great deal of reduction in off-gassing as well because of absolutely no use of harmful gasses.

The main foam of this mattress is made with natural latex. The latex has sculpted edges that work on pressure points of every individual separately and reduce the mattress to transfer motion if one side is moving. There are also several grooves present to work on every end of the body for ample support.

The mattress uses sleeping technology by fighting off the heat. It also has the ability to have a well-ventilated system to reduce the growth of mold. To further fight off mold, the New Zealand wools in the mattress absorbs moisture and keeps the mattress dry and maintains temperature.

  • The mattress has the ability to wick away any moisture
  • Latex is natural and provides targeted pressure points and better posture
  • The mattress provides air circulation and sleeping cool
  • Motion isolation is present in the mattress
  • The mattress is not hypoallergenic
  • No edge on the mattress allows more chances of fall off
This mattress allows users to go green with the best of the features. There is no off-gassing with better natural materials used. The mattress is perfect for people that need constant support to their joint and muscles as it provides different levels of targeted support.

5. Serta Blue fusion Cushion mattress – Best for Back pain

Serta Blue fusion Cushion mattress for Back pain

Features of Serta Blue fusion Cushion mattress

  • The top layer is nonflammable
  • The supporting layer is a hybrid coil support system
  • There is an edge foam encasement
  • The mattress has a TempActive gel memory foam layer
  • The top layer is a TempActive touch fabric

The Blue fusion cushion mattress has a top quilt of fire blocker material which makes it very safe to be around. The pillow-soft Aire feature makes the firm mattress soft on the pillow end for ample support of the neck and head.

One of the best parts about this mattress is that the support layer is a hybrid coil system. The hybrid coil system allows the spine to be in a better posture in every position of sleep. It helps in achieving targeted pressure too. The hybrid coils additionally prevent any motion transfer while sleeping.

The TempActive gel memory foam layer is a memory foam layer that further helps in contouring the shape to provide better circulation of the blood and personalized support. The layer additionally is made with gel which is a way to fight off heat and sleep cool regardless of the temperature of the environment.

  • The hybrid coils help in aligning the spine in the natural position
  • Memory foam with gel is made for contouring and for fighting off heat
  • Edge foam encasement allows better edge support
  • The top layer is anti-flammable
  • The mattress is not suitable for people with sensitivity to skin
  • The mattress has a lot of off-gassing
You will find this mattress best for you and your partner due to the feature that prevent motion transfer. This is great for couples with entirely different sleeping habits.

6.Zenhaven Mattress – Best for Targeted support

luxury mattress 7 BEST LUXURY MATTRESSES


  • The mattress is dual sides with different firmness levels
  • The top is an organic cotton cover
  • Main foam is latex for better support
  • A 5 zone comfort layer is added
  • Organic wool layer to fight off moisture

One of the most unique features in this mattress is that it has two different firmness levels in one mattress. The mattress can be flipped to achieve the desired firmness for various purposes like unpredictable medical purposes. Both the sides work together to provide the best results overall.

The base layer and the main foam of this mattress is latex for the best support and feel. The latex has a 5 zone comfort layer that provides ample firm support. The support helps in aligning the spine to the best posture according to the individual sleeper.

The top organic wool layer is made with New Zealand wool which is completely natural. The layer is flame retardant and helps in better air circulation. The wool layer also helps in making sure that the mattress does not collect any moisture.

  • Latex 5 zone comfort layer is added to ensure better target to the spine
  • Organic wool makes the mattress moisture free and with better air circulation
  • The mattress can be flipped to achieve the desired firmness
  • The base layer is latex as well for more resilient support
  • The mattress does not use properties of sleeping cool
  • The mattress gets saggy very easily

This green mattress is best for people that need to adjust different levels of firmness from time to time. The mattress also provides a base layer and main foam of latex to keep it green and a better option to the environment.

This green mattress is best for people that need to adjust different levels of firmness from time to time. The mattress also provides a base layer and main foam of latex to keep it green and a better option to the environment.

7. Saatva Mattress – Best for Heavyweight sleepers

luxury mattress 7 BEST LUXURY MATTRESSES

Features of Saatva Mattress

  • The base layer is tempered steel coils
  • The cover is organic cotton
  • The mattress has a dual perimeter edge system
  • Memory foam layer increases lumbar support
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils

The Saatva mattresses are made with a base of steel coil support system. These coils are tempered to make the mattress overall more sustainable with a longer life. The design prevents sagging by bouncing off as soon as the mattress has no pressure leftover.

To help in ensuring that the lumbar is given great support, the mattress uses a layer of memory foam. The memory foam works to provide better pressure point support and distributes the weight evenly throughout the body. It works as a customized option to individual sleepers.

The cover of the mattress is made with an organic cotton cover. This cover provides an additional layer of cushioning and a softer feel to the mattress. The euro pillow top is made to ensure that there is better support of the neck and the head too.

  • The base layer helps in reducing sagging in the mattress
  • A layer of memory foam helps in better lumbar support
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils help in responding to the body weight
  • The cover is made for a softer and more cushioned feel
  • The mattress does not sleep cool
  • The mattress is not motion isolation prone
This mattress is highly suitable for people that are heavyweight and are looking for a luxury mattress that would make their body weight be properly entertained with the right posture of sleep. Is it very soft and comfortable to feel that gives the mattress a few extra advantages.

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Luxury mattresses are a little expensive but the makers leave no table unturned to provide all the features together to make them long-lasting and the best in results. Luxury mattresses have warranties according to the built of the mattress and they tend to be highly durable.

Our article has targeted top 7 best luxury mattress reviews to show you practically of their design and built and help you understand the difference between regular mattresses and luxury mattresses better.

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